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Re: Was Ben Maxwell right about the Cardassians?

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"The Wounded" seems to imply that Maxwell was at least partially right about the Cardassians being underhanded, but employed the wrong solution in taking his own initiative. However, that the Feds and the Cardassians agreed to exchange some border worlds and to establish a DMZ doesn't necessarily mean these agreements were the same as Chamberlain's attempts to gain peace by appeasing Germany. We don't have enough of a context for what went into them.

TNG and DS9 both support the notion that there were plenty of individual Cardassians who disagreed with their government's devotion to militarism, and that even guys like Damar (who early on was a vocal supporter of the alliance with the Dominion and believed it would ultimately help Cardassia) could switch sides when they realized they had accepted a position that was more disadvantage than advantage.
In the treaty that established the DMZ, human beings who left earth before the Federation was even founded had to give up their homes to the Cardassian Union in exchange for a peace treaty that the Cardassian Union that they seemed to have no intention of honoring. Even when the agreement was amended to allow those people to keep their homes under Cardassian rule, the Central Command did everything it could to chase the Federation colonists out of those territories.
Are you referring to the colonists from "Journey's End" who were primarily of Native American descent? I haven't seen the episode in a while so I don't recall if any details were given about the DMZ (other than the prospect of switching some of the border colonies), but I'm not sure their lineage would mean they're descended from pre-UFP settlers. I could be wrong. I haven't seen "The Maquis" in some time either, so you could be right about the Central Command chasing them off. Guess I should look at Memory Alpha.

The treaty only lasted 3 years (2370 to 2373) before another war occurred, that's how ineffective it was.
But the treaty was made before either government was aware of a new power on the street, in the form of the Dominion, and they proved as capable in some of their large scale manipulations as they did in the early phases of the war militarily. Having opportunistic Cardassians like Dukat and Damar probably didn't help, but I think it's fair to argue that the Dominion deserves a fair bit of blame for why the treaty failed.

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