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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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You Will Fail: Mulgrew said in an interview that it was a constant challenge for her to play Janeway. Every day, she told herself she'd crack it, and every day she didn't.

I can't see anyone doing better than her, though. Her character was written with some very unique mannerisms which one couldn't duplicate naturally unless they had those mannerisms themselves. I think just about any actor would have struggled with it.
I agree.
Lots of folks say Avery Brooks and Kate Mulgrew sucked but has anyone ever seen Patrick Stewart in character and do a scene that involved crying? He's terrible. Picard was nearly Vulcan at times he was so introverted emotionally. I found Brooks and Mulgrew IMO brought color to their characters by giving them more vibrant personalities.
Didn't see a problem with Picard being more introverted emotionally as you put it. But then again perhaps that could be down to the fact that being a Brit we usually frown upon showing too much emotion.
But he was FRENCH, supposedly full of emotion.
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