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You Will Fail: Mulgrew said in an interview that it was a constant challenge for her to play Janeway. Every day, she told herself she'd crack it, and every day she didn't.

I can't see anyone doing better than her, though. Her character was written with some very unique mannerisms which one couldn't duplicate naturally unless they had those mannerisms themselves. I think just about any actor would have struggled with it.
I agree.
Lots of folks say Avery Brooks and Kate Mulgrew sucked but has anyone ever seen Patrick Stewart in character and do a scene that involved crying? He's terrible. Picard was nearly Vulcan at times he was so introverted emotionally. I found Brooks and Mulgrew IMO brought color to their characters by giving them more vibrant personalities.
Didn't see a problem with Picard being more introverted emotionally as you put it. But then again perhaps that could be down to the fact that being a Brit we usually frown upon showing too much emotion.
I guess what Im really trying to get across was maybe not our perception of the character but rather how that character relates to others in their universe. Sisko and Janeway while moody under stress, always came off as approachable to all on their staff. Picard was very distant. Everybody other than the senior staff were terrified to even be next to him.
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