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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

That's why Revolution is science-fiction because there's no technological way that exists currently to prevent all the various forms of harvesting/creating energy.

The actual happening sounds similar to SM Stirling's Emberverse series of novels where suddenly all technology stops working. Electricity doesn't happen, engines don't work, steam power doesn't work anymore, even gunpowder doesn't work. None of that is a natural occurence though. The laws of physics were rewritten by a higher power or possibly aliens with technology at such a higher level that they may as well be Gods.

The interesting thing about Revolution to me will be how they portray the effect of this change on the rest of the population. In the Emberverse something like 90-95% of the population dies. You suddenly lose the ability to get food to these concentrated masses of population. The water purification and treatment facilities stop functioning so they have no water either. The farms where you would harvest food from suddenly lose the ability to use the machinery which takes the place of many workers who would have to work by hand to do the same task.

If Revolution shows everyone living in LA but without technology I'll be annoyed.
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