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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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Zola was smart enough to turn himself into one of the first cyborgs in human history, even though he's just supposed to be a biochemist. Then again, in the comics the reason he was so ahead of his time with genetics was because he found notes and equipment left behind by aliens.

As for the Super-Soldier program, everyone seems to forget that there's two elements to the process: Being injected with the Serum, and then being treated with Vita-Rays. Without the Vita-Ray treatment, the serum remains unstable and has unpredictable effects on the subject (I don't know if Red Skull also got the Vita Rays or not).

No one knew how to duplicate the Vita-Rays (and maybe not even the serum itself), which is why Bruce Banner used Gamma Radiation instead. Except that didn't work as planned either...
Yeah, that was my thinking too. The type of radiation used by Stark was in-duplicable resulting Banner trying Gamma rays which... Didn't end well.

Correct me if I am wrong, this is the first time in the MCU we were told exactly how "this Hulk" (technically Norton's Hulk) came to be. IIRC from the Ang Lee movie the experiment wasn't about trying to duplicate the super-soldier process but something else entirely. In fact the opening credits sequence to TIH suggests Banner willingly tested the process on himself. (In the Ang Lee movie, Banner is exposed to the Gamma Radiation accidentally when tries to save a co-worker from exposure apparently thinking his body is made out of lead.)

And, yeah, I realize the "Norton Hulk Origin" footage is available as a DVD extra or something, but I've never seen it.

Well, he has had more time to come to terms with everything that's happened since his movie. His movie happened over the course of only a few days at most, so he's had a year or so to deal with everything that happened with Loki.
A little less than two years pass (on Earth) between the events in "Thor" and the events in "The Avengers." (This according to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline.) Thor destroys the Bifrost in May 2010, The Avengers takes place in February of 2012.

Of course this is the time that passes on Earth, the time passage on Asgard could be different.

I didn't take the joke about Loki being "adopted" (strictly speaking he was baby-napped) as being against adopted children just as someone said above it was Thor's way of "distancing" himself from Loki by saying his bloodlines aren't the same as Thor's.

It was a simple, small, Whedonistic joke nothing more. I doubt it was Whedon's way to insult people who've been adopted as I see no reason why he'd even want to do such a thing. Those upset about it are making mountains out of molehills over a nothing line. It's like the ado that was made over the infamous "don't go full retard" scene in "Tropic Thunder" where special-needs groups got all upset over the pejorative rather than catching the meaning of the scene/message.

Thor's line was a simple joke that Loki and he do not share any ambitions or likeness by blood.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.

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