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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

It kind of loses any kind of mystery when almost every single central character is a vampire.

Could we get a time-jump 100 years into the future and have the next doppelganger show up? I'd like to see flying cars and vampires in space.

Putting Klaus is Tyler is hilarious. One of the few shows which ever got the body-swap thing 'right' is Farscape. They body-swapped and at least the actors TRIED to talk with the accent and cadence of the person they swapped with... but with generic pretty boy actor 1 now switched with generic pretty boy actor 2 so obviously no such luck or skill.

The only twists I wanted was to see all the originals die and somehow the Salvatore and their line remain. We then get the reveal that was an original who pre-dated them... Hell make Jesus a vampire and have him be the first. Guess that would be too many boycotts. Could go the Dracula 2000 route and have it be Judas then.

I expected Tyler to survive Klaus dying, but I thought it would be because he wolfed up and somehow that transition saved him. Then he'd pop back and no longer be a hybrid, but just a werewolf.
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