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Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Let's not forget, the Xbox 360 has only 512MB of RAM. Minecraft is an extremely memory-intensive game.
That's something I'm curious about, is the game on the 360 hosted locally? Eight people in one world with only 512MB of memory on the host console is amazing performance for Minecraft. Limiting the world size is understandable under those circumstances, though still disappointing for PC players.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
It wasn't written in Java? What was it written in?
C++ or C#, and it was probably built using Microsoft's XNA toolset.

I wonder if they'll eventually do the same thing with the PC version, unless it's XBox specific code they worked with. Java can sometimes work against it as a disadvantage.
Xbox games typically don't require too much work to port to Windows, so it could be done, but there'd be issues with it. One of the benefits of programming the game in Java is that it runs on any computer that has the Java Runtime Environment installed, so they only need to code one version for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Sadly, we're probably stuck with Java now, but hopefully merging the singleplayer and multiplayer into one will allow greater optimisation in the future.
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