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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

I don’t mind a derailment to make a couple of comments on Sisko. I really liked the story line in DS9 and Sisko’s role, which was really defined in the beginning but lost its focus, especially in the end. As Shatnertage points out he had two main goals: being a good Dad and making the Quadrant a better place to live. In the beginning he did a great job, but the ending of DS9 was lacking. It’s like the writers just didn’t think about it in full-circle. He started out one way and by the end it was all about him. How do they not have a goodbye episode with Jake? Jake was Sisko’s life. I would even argue that in the beginning it was more important for Sisko to be a good Dad than a good Captain…. In terms of acting, Avery Brooks had a great smile! He could be heart-warming when he wanted to be, but his acting was often too rigid and when he was angry the acting felt too scripted. On to Janeway, her character’s role is a tough one. They started out on one mission and got thrown into what seems like an impossible situation. How do you keep moral up in that situation? She has to be strong and confident, but a little more understanding than the Captains in DS9 or TNG. She also has to define her own mission now; unlike other Captains who are in contact with the Federation. Everything that the Voyager does is reflective on her and only her; not the “higher ups.” Mulgrew does do a great job with the acting (for the most part). She moves more than Brooks certainly. What I mean by that is when the camera is not focused on her she still has facial expressions and gestures that make the role more exciting and realistic. I like that. She is more lively and it fits her role as a Captain on a mission gone awry. I could go on longer, but alas I must cut my post short…I am at work...
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