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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Star Trek London still not listed on the Excel event calendar. Come on, MCM! Move Expo forward a week!
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Would you like some direct links? I have them all bookmarked.

If Star Trek London isn't going to be run properly by him in as much as he can't even get the advertised venue booked, then I shall be very happy to try and, to use your words, crumble his reputation by making basic factual observations.
I'd like the links please, I've heard some very interesting stories about $howmasters/Massive Events over the years. Probably best you send by PM though.

Incidentally - I heard this years ago, so no idea if true or not - but they wouldn't be allowed to use the Excel centre usually, MCM have some sort of veto. Same with Birmingham NEC. Instead Jason tried to hold an event on the same weekend in the hotel opposite there a few years ago! It's only because this other company is doing the Trek event, Jason is just providing the guests that this can go ahead.

Strangly he promotes this as a bold step forward for the company, forgetting he was in exactly the same position for Star Wars Celebration Europe back in 2007. Same venue and all. But he got cold feet and pulled out, leaving Lucasfilm to run a very successful weekend on their own.

Jason does do some good events. He just doesn't like anyone doing them too.

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I should also note that searching Jason Joiner Showmasters also gives nothing bad. Admiral, if you won't link to a website, would you at least give us a phrase to google to back your theory up?

Edit: just seen what you added to your previous post. Ok, so I get that there wasn't much official info coming, but I don't think that's too unusual, especially in the UK. From the pinned post it looks more like they were trying until last minute to get a guest, and they were fairly upfront and refunded money when forced to cancel.
If you want a minor example of them being less than 100% honest, just look up the Jeri Ryan thread on their forum. The one that still says 1st time UK appearance, despite the fact they announced her just after Greatest Show got her.

It's been pointed out on several occasions, stranglely they get deleled.

Its also the only time they've ever presold autographs for an event (normally you take your chance on the day)

Its almost as if they wanted people to commit money to her at the comic con before they'd find out she was doing another event.

All I know is, you'd feel a little miffed if she pulled out of the second event, leaving you knowing you could have got her at the former had you been told about it.
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