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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I don't see how this is science fiction?

Every couple million years the magnetic poles switch.

That's going to fuck up 99 percent of our technology if there's no warning.
First off, science fiction can certainly be about things that are possible but haven't happened yet. That's why it's called science fiction rather than impossibility fiction. There was plenty of science fiction about trips to the Moon, and then we really went to the Moon. So if this were actually possible (which it isn't -- see below), it would still qualify as science fiction by any legitimate definition.

Second, geomagnetic reversal would not happen in an instant, but would be a gradual process taking thousands of years. There would certainly be plenty of warning, and it would happen far too gradually to have any significant impact on technology.

Third, even if it did happen abruptly, there's a huge difference between a magnetic disruption of technology and the complete cessation of all electric power.

Anyway, the concept is sheer fantasy. Has lightning ceased to exist? Has magnetism? For that matter, the forces that enable electric power to exist are the same ones that hold our atoms and molecules together. Electricity is simply the flow of electrons, and electrons are everywhere in the universe. Without them, matter as we know it would not exist. So if life goes on, if human beings still exist and think (an electrochemical process), then it should be possible for them to generate electricity.
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