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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

The Ship (***)

This is kind of an awkward episode to judge, it does a lot of good stuff, but it doesn't quite come together and it leaves certain elements feeling out of place. The ending seems to imply that if the two sides had trusted one another then there wouldn't have been so much needless death, but this is an episode about a guy who's stealing a ship so that he can gather intel about a hostile race, and the end of the episode suggests the cost may have been worth it. The episode just doesn't seem to work thematically, it's trying to do that traditional Star Trek thing about enemies learning to trust one another while at the same time saying that that distrust was justified and that they'll continue to be enemies into the future.

Meanwhile, Worf, who has served with humans for about 15 years now, and as head of security on the Enterprise for 6/7 years has seen more than his fair share of death under his command, completely forgets how humans deal with death and picks a fight with O'Brien. I know that the pressure was getting to him and that's why he was being such an ass, but I don't like it when they use Worf in that way, the character is more complex than that. I thought that Jadzia's misplaced humour and Sisko's reaction to it was more effective.

Overall, the episode is enjoyable, it has some good moments, and some good tension. I think this was the first time we saw the interior of a Dominion ship and it's interesting because it's upside-down, which confused me a bit the first time I saw it. I thought having their consoles coming out of the ceiling was an interesting piece of set-design and was disappointed when we saw the same set the right-sway-up a season later and realised my mistake.

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