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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion


I thought the show had really went for it and killed Klaus. I was impressed for what? Two Seconds? Then we have Big "Bad" Hybrid daddy in Tyler via no Mrs. No More Nice Bonnie? Whatever...

Bonnie turns 360 all of the sudden out of what -fear of the vamps dying? I feel that the writers have made the poor girl nothing more than a plot device. Bonnie has no real personality. She just does what the script dictates. The writers wanted to "save" Klaus so they make Bonnie this nitwit.

I would assume they would only want to "save" Klaus because they liked Joseph Morgan. Isn't Original Recipe Klaus' body not extra crispy now?

Now that Tyler and Caroline have been "outed," don't they have to go somewhere? Are we not to assume that there is a council full of other founders ready to do them in?

Also, why did Damon save Rebecca? I swear the Salvatores are getting dumber by the day.

All the vamps did in this ep was prove Alaric right. Don't trust vampires. Elijah cannot control his silbings no matter what he says.

Granted Rebecca showed some thought by taking out Elena to neutralize Ric, but it seemed to come off more as spite than real forethought, bringing the show's idiot levels to an all time high.

The only thing that rang true to me was Ric's death. It still bothered me even though I have seen Ric die a thousand times.
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