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Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*

All of the criticisms of the show are completely valid, and yet I enjoyed every stilted hackneyed filled cheese ball. It may have been a mess, but it was a mess made of many elements I enjoyed: Sam Neil, Hurley, a contrived mystery at Alcatraz, Power Girl and her obvious charms, Bullit, the killer of the week format, the pseudo science, the creepy doctor, the mad warden, secret underground facilities, bizarre experiments, and it didn't hurt that, at least, locally it re-aired late Saturday night, a slot I associate with reruns of The Twilight Zone, or the late movie. Many things about the show felt like a nod to 70s TV. Maybe not the best or most skillful nod, but while I won't cry, I will miss it.
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