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Re: Was Ben Maxwell right about the Cardassians?

It would also be interesting to learn if Maxwell's actions made any difference.

We learn in "Chain of Command" that Cardassia was indeed preparing for a war of conquest, or at least a war involving the raiding of UFP outer holdings as a "counter-invasion" measure, and by the time of that double episode had achieved the strength needed for the maneuver. Did Maxwell's uncovering of this escalation alter its pace one way or another? Did it have an effect on Starfleet's counterplans? Nothing in "Chain of Command" indicates that this would be the case.

We can speculate that the revelation slowed down the invasion plans, and possibly made Starfleet more timid as well - or that the Cardassians hastened pace so as not to lose the element of surprise, and the Federation realized this and resorted to various desperation measures since the "fleet spread thin" problem from "The Wounded" would not be solved by conventional means. But the episodes don't really touch on that. We get a plot of apparently unrelated Cardassian subterfuge in "Ensign Ro", and that's it.

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