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Re: Was Ben Maxwell right about the Cardassians?

You can be completely right yet do so at completely wrong time.

Winston Churchill was right about both the Russians and the Germans years and years before anyone agreed with him. Yet because he was advocating war at a time when people desperately wanted peace he came off as a war monger and was shut out of decision making.

Picard himself stated that Maxwell was right. That the Cardassian bases could only be where they were to threaten the Federation, yet Picard admitted that the reason he did not board the Cardy transport was that it would've resulted in war. And he thought the current peace was in the interests of both them and the Federation.

What I wonder about was what happened to Maxwell? I figured he was courtmartialed and thrown out of Starfleet (I don't see imprisonment as being that likely as it might've been an embarassment).

One wonders though.

When the Federation was at war with the Cardassians just 7 years later give or take and suffering a manpower shortage did they retroactively drop the charges against Maxwell and ask him to return to action? That sounds like it would made a good Strange New Worlds short story.
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