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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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On a side note, I seem to be noticing a lot of really immature players lately. Lots of name calling and childish behavior, particularly around DS9. It's really annoying, and I felt bad for a player who was singled out in an STF by 2 others after he blew something up prematurely. They spent more time whining on the chat than they did trying to deal with the borg ships.
I've noticed that the main Federation hubs, DS9 in particular, seem to attract some rather...vocal individuals, especially in the Zone chat. I don't know if it's particularly worse than before though.

When it comes to the STFs there seems to be a snobbish expectation from some players for everyone to know everything, and whine when things don't go perfectly. I was playing KA Ground a couple of days ago where one player was spewing things on the Team speak like "LEARN PROCESS!!" and "ON ELITE, NO ONE WILL WAIT FOR YOU!!" I was very tempted to tell him to stow it.

ETA: Also, I've just tried using the standard Klingon carrier and it doesn't seem to give the kind of punch along with it's fighters when compared to my Vor'cha Retrofit. What kind of playstyle I should expect to adopt when using carriers when compared to cruisers and science vessels?
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