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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Part 11

The Felis runs into trouble often, but still makes friendly first contacts.

Conditions on Cardassia have improved enough for another application to be made for Federation membership.

On Gamma Station Three, treaties are signed following the end of the Second Gamma War.

Another marine civilisation is discovered on the Dyson Sphere.

Anna explores a nebula in this year...

Gary Seven investigates a Federation outpost near Commonwealth space.

A Cybernator ship is destroyed near Gamma Station Four.

Trade through Gamma Station Three peaks at a level three times the level prior to the beginning of the Second Gamma War.

The Felis approaches Federation space, surveying barely explored regions in a spiral pattern in their approach.

Gary Seven investigates a Section 31 outpost on New Victoria.

The Felis completes its mission and returns to Federation space.

Anna discovers another Dyson Sphere.

A Section 31 operation near Lateoval is thwarted by Section 41.

Tom Paris retires from his personal exploration of the Alpha Quadrant, and settles down on Earth. He gives the Alpha Flyer to Miralís son, who starts exploring himself.

In the Dyson Sphere, another civilisation asks to join the Federation.

At Gamma Station Three, many mysteries abound.

Anna leaves the Dyson Sphere she had discovered, heading back towards the Federation.

A third marine civilisation is discovered in the Dyson Sphere.

The Enterprise, during exploration of a star system, makes first contact with a very unusual species, which have a ritual for everything. The amount of ritual makes for a very tedious first contact.

Anna discovers the derelict of a centuries old Klingon ship...

Gary Seven investigates Section 31 activity within Federation space.

The Felis begins another voyage of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant.

Anna discovers a duplicate of Mars in a star system on the edge of an open cluster...

A majority of Cardassians on Cardassia Prime vote for the government to prepare for membership in the Federation.

The Enterprise goes on many diplomatic missions near the Dyson Sphere.

At the Dyson Sphere more discoveries are made about the Sphereís origins.

The Felis discovers another duplicate of Earth, though this one has a previously undiscovered species living there.

A New Dominion ship skirmishes with a Starfleet ship near Gamma Station Three.

A third marine civilisation is discovered on the Dyson Sphere.

Anna, after over a decade of exploration, decides to head back to the Federation to see how it has changed in her absence.

An organisation is established in rivalry of the Federation in the Dyson Sphere.

More mysteries from the stationís past are uncovered at Gamma Station Three.

Vírea Paris (Miralís son) runs afoul of a Section 41 operation.

The Enterprise explores a distant region of space, making first contact with at least 2 warp capable civilisations.

Gary Seven warns a Federation colony about the possibility of a natural disaster.

Anna discovers a colony of Tzenkethi dissidents.

The Cardassians join the Federation.

The Felis explores many nebulae.

At Gamma Station Three there are many discussions about nearby civilisations joining the Federation.

Anna responds to many distress calls through the year.

The Enterprise returns to the Federation after its long mission of exploration.

At Gamma Station Three, an ambassador from a mysterious civilisation arrives...

Anna discovers a failed colony of 22nd century human colonists. She finds that they have regressed to the Iron Age.

Gary Seven investigates the influence that Paris had on a pre-warp world.

Anna discovers an abandoned Constitution Class ship...

The Enterprise begins another voyage of exploration.

A New Dominion ship skirmishes with a Klingon ship near Gamma Station One.

At Gamma Station Three, a hidden data module is recovered that gives the Federation more information about the stationís early history.

Anna accidentally interferes on a pre-industrial society, giving advice to the inhabitants of an island under threat by a colonial empire.

At DS9 there are tensions between Bajoran and Cardassian residents.

The Felis re-enters known space, as it approaches the Federation.

At the Dyson Sphere more information about the past is discovered. (It is revealed that the TíKon had discovered the sphere...)

The Enterprise patrols the Federation/Gorn border.

A second organisation is established in the Dyson Sphere in rivalry of the Federation (and the other rival organisation.)

The Felis returns to Federation space after its second long range exploratory mission.

Anna works for a group of freelance traders for a few months.

The Federation Rival organisation in the Dyson Sphere expands significantly.

Tom Paris re-joins Starfleet. They assign him as captain of an old Nebula-class ship, the USS Vega NCC 91447.

Another civilisation joins the Federation in the Dyson Sphere.

Anna explores closer to the Federation.
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