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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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The reality is that unless you're doing super tight closeups of the button, the difference isn't going to be noticeable. It can become a problem if you lose sight of the set as a film set with a practical function and start treating it like a "museum piece".
But I want to add that this is also the type of thinking that I feel plagues fan films. So overly concerned with inconsequential minutia, such as matching a button detail that won't even really be seen, rather than things that should really matter *the story they are telling.
I wanted to clarify this. My job is building the studio, I have very little to do with the production. Because we are opening the studio to other fan films we have separated the studio and production into two different projects. To put it simply, I'm building the set for Ajax Studio, the first production to use the studio is going to be Starship Ajax.

Since I don't have things like story writing, casting, costume... to worry about I can and should get the details as close as I can, but believe me there is plenty of small details that I'm letting slide by.
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