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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Thanks for the response, intrinsical.

I've been rejigging my bridge officer abilities a bit lately, and I just re-spec'd my toon to get rid of some point allocations that I didn't fully understand when I originally assigned them and place them in better areas. I really didn't need all those points in Flow Capacitors.

Here's my BOff layout:

Commander Tactical:
Tac Team 1 / Cannon Sc. Vol. 1 / Attack Pat. Beta 2 / Attack Pat.Omega 2

Lt. Commander Tactical:
Beam Overload 1 / Tac Team 2 / Torp. Spread 3

Lt. Engineering:
Emerg. Power to Shields 1 / Rev. Shield Polarity 1

Ens. Engineering:
Eng. Team 1

Lt. Science:
Sci Team 1 / Hazard Emitters 2

I've gone all Mark XI [Borg] Anti-Proton energy weapons and purple Mark XII [Borg] quantum torpedoes. Buffed up on my attack run to remove the shields with the AP weapons, then a torpedo spread to the hull. I've been thinking about getting rid of BO1 and replacing it with another CSV or maybe Cannon Rapid Fire. I feel like I have a decent assortment of healing abilities, and I tend to make looping hit and run attacks.
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