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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Non AvX purchases--

Captain America 11-- Part one of "Shock to the System". A new Scourge of the Underworld is killing off villains that are part of the Witness Protection Program and Cap is determined to protect them. This new arc brings back former Cap love interest Diamondback partnered with Dum Dum Dugan as agents of the new SHIELD. I'm already liking this story better than the recently completed "Powerless" arc. If only Alan Davis had stuck around on the art. I am curious as to who is going to be revealed as the new Scourge as it is supposed to be someone familiar to the readers.

Exiled 1/Journey Into Mystery 637-- The first two parts of the JiM/New Mutants crossover. I forgot to pick up part one last week, but fortunately was able to get it this week. The latest chapter of Kieron Gillen's saga of the Disir teams him up with Abnett and Lanning and the New Mutants. Dani Moonstar's Asgardian connections have been one of my favorite parts of her character ever since the classic Chris Claremont "X-Men and New Mutants go to Asgard" story way back when. And since the Disir were introduced in a Gillen-penned Siege crossover issue of New Mutants, this is bringing the story full-circle. It seems that an ancient Asgardian warrior in hiding named Sigurd just happens to live across the street from the New Mutants. When he realizes that Dani is a Valkrie, he flips out and unleashes ancient magic that not only gives all of the Asgardians in the area amnesia, but also frees the Disir from their Bor-mandated limitations on what they can consume. The nod to "Adventures in Babysitting" was funny if you are old enough to remember that movie. As always, Kid Loki is a joy to read and I got a good laugh out of him trying on an over-sized New Mutant uniform.

Avenger Assemble 3-- This issue was a little better than the first two as the stakes are raised and the real villain of the piece makes his appearance. The appearance of the character in question is very well-timed considering his apperance in the Avengers movie stinger (I assume that we all know who i'm talking about, but just in case someone has yet to see the movie, I'll refrain from naming him for now). This is supposed to give us a hint as to what Bendis' post-Avengers work will be and it has already been speculated that he will take over Marvel Cosmic. Bringing back this particular character is definitely the right step to take when doing Marvel cosmic, but I can't help but wonder if DnA, whose cosmic work brought all sorts of raves, were removed in order to make room for Bendis. Oh well, if he can do to the sales for Marvel cosmic what he did for the sales for Avengers, then more power to him.
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