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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

Well, I like a goof Star Wars story that's well told, and a woman is in charge. The fact that I can romance another woman as a woman is a big plus.

But realistically, I just love the characters. The moment I started chatting with Jolee Bindo about his past, I was convinced beyond a doubt that Yoda is the single worst Jedi in Star Wars. Jolee is a Jedi who not only talks sense, but doesn't see things as black and white like Yoda does. He understands that having attachments, even ones that involve a loving relationship isn't something that should be treated like some plague that should be purged. He is in my book the perfect Jedi.

And if you pay attention, this is one of those Star Wars games where the game makers actually made their own music for the game instead of using stock music that we get all the freaking time with every other Star Wars game. And I LOVE the music in KOTOR!
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