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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

A rather ho hum conclusion to a pisspoor season.

Flashbacks--umm what exactly was the point of them? nothing really was revealed that was that interesting.

Oh joy Klaus is still around only he is inside Tyler's head. I was hoping we were done with him. I would have much rather they let him die and the big shock is that none of those Originals we know of actually sired Stefan/Caroline/Damon/Katherine's bloodline/

Damn too bad Alaric didn't stake Rebekah like it should have rather than just tossing her around

Alaric's death was kinda sad unfortunately the show doesn't have time for any emotional resonance so we spend 3 seconds on it.

But, on the otherhand, we have plenty of time with more pointless angst over who Elena will choose. Yawn.

Oooh a gratuitous cameo by Aunt Jenna.

On another series I might say that the cliffhanger with Elena dying and becoming a vampire was dramatic and shocking but on a series like this where practically all the human characters are now vampires I have to say it left me underwhelmed--I mean all one needs to do is look at Caroline's arc in S2 and we can already see that after one or two episodes Elena will be back to herself pretty much. The bold thing to have done and I would be applauding is if they actually killed her off *for good*

Yeah I won't be watching this unless there is nothing else worth a crap on next season which is entirely possible.

Average esp for a finale episode--oh how I long for TNG's "The Best of Both Worlds", DS9's "Call to Arms", Dallas' "Who Shot JR", Quantum Leap's "Shock Theatre", Melrose Place's "Big Bang Theory" or LOST's "Theres no place like home"/
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