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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

Which is odd, since Howard Stark recovered the Tesseract you'd think SHIELD, Stark Industries or the US Government would have been able to figure out how it works and duplicate Red Skull's work considering they had 70 years to do it in.

Which is why I think introducing the Asgardian technology in CA was sort of a mistake as for the MCU it sort of muddies things a bit when you scrutinize them. Inside of a year SHIELD is able to take the Asgardian Destroyer, reverse-engineer it and not only duplicate this wildly different technology but also miniaturize it in comparison to the original. But in 70 years they couldn't take the Tesseract and make radically new technology or harness it's power to make ultimate free energy when they've already got their hands on Hydra's weapons and research as well as have the most brilliant minds in the world working with them on it? Including Howard Stark and eventually Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and Erik Selvig.

Sort of seems odd.
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