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Re: Was Ben Maxwell right about the Cardassians?

"The Wounded" seems to imply that Maxwell was at least partially right about the Cardassians being underhanded, but employed the wrong solution in taking his own initiative. However, that the Feds and the Cardassians agreed to exchange some border worlds and to establish a DMZ doesn't necessarily mean these agreements were the same as Chamberlain's attempts to gain peace by appeasing Germany. We don't have enough of a context for what went into them.

TNG and DS9 both support the notion that there were plenty of individual Cardassians who disagreed with their government's devotion to militarism, and that even guys like Damar (who early on was a vocal supporter of the alliance with the Dominion and believed it would ultimately help Cardassia) could switch sides when they realized they had accepted a position that was more disadvantage than advantage.

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