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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

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Another thought, in terms of story, the UFP will not only be wrestling with issues of trans and non-trans humans, and outside aliens, but simply the fact that they won't know how they'll end up...whether what is happening will end up for the betterment of civilization or not, much like the debate is today. It makes the issue more complex...though of course everyone feels what they are doing is right.

Trans humans or the singularity, is near impossible for star trek, unless you do a total reboot, and alter the show to the point that it is no longer star trek. Ignoring the technical challenges of the singularity on television. The writing for it is near impossible, because it creates plot holes that aren't easily resolved.

If the doctor can copy his unimatrix, and have multiple copies of himself, why isn't voyageur using this to aid them since they are desperate to get home. Sure you can make up some reasoning, but a patch work of made up reasonings does not add up to a coherent show.
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