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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Infamous might be okay--I love a *good* mystery but just so often the build up works but then the resolution is very unsatisfying--I'm just leery of a big mystery driving a series right out of the gate--too often it overshadows the characterization and the writers get bogged down in the crafting of the mystery--which generally flops.

The Jekyll/Hyde show sounds intriguing--definitely will be giving that one a try.

But I definitely agree with the writer about stopping with the big mythology Event series--they just don't work--they turn into a mess. Get back to basics I say--strong writing, good characters in a modest sized ensemble, and a few season long parallel arcs. He also forgot to mention Daybreak, The Nine, Life on Mars, Happy Town as ABC offenders and it wasn't just ABC NBC had Kidnapped, The Event, Persons Unknown, Surface. Fox had Alcatraz, Vanished.
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