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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

Yeah, I encountered a little of that on Taris, but none that I noticed in the rest of the game. Perhaps I was using the wrong character combinations? I tended to favour Mission, Juhani, Bastila and occasionally HK-47.

I have started a darkside playthough, but honestly I'm already loosing interest. There appears to be very little variation in the story and not a lot of subtlety from a roleplaying POV. One of the things I really enjoyed about my brief go at SWTOR was the ability to play as a "good" Sith. Or rather I should say a dark side user who wasn't a petty, egomaniacal git-face.

For KotOR I'm guessing that the only real difference is that instead of turning Bastila back to the light, you can off Malek, take her as an apprentice and get an "All hail Lord Revan" ending cutscene in place of the medal ceremony. Am I right?
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