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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anij. Picard sets the record for being attracted to an older woman.
B is for Berserk, which the damaged Data goes inside the Ba'ku village at the beginning of the film.
C is for Cloaked Holoship. Apparently not so illegal...
D is for Dougherty, Admiral
E is for embarrasing, what Worf found having Klingon acne to be.
F is for F. Murray Abraham. Always a badass.
G is for Glands, which the metaphasic radiation from the Ba'ku planet's rings no doubt affected when it came to Riker and Troi.
H is for Horniness. It affected the general level of that among the crew as well.
I is for Isolinear Tags, which enable beaming despite the presence of transport inhibitors
J is for Jean-Luc...which Anij must have said a hundred times during the film.
K is for Ketracel-white, a product the Son'a are known to produce
L is for lightning, how one Bak'u described phaser fire.
M is for Metaphasic Radiation emanating from the Ba'ku planet's rings
N is for New Eyes, Geordi had them for a minute
O is for offspring of the Ba'ku. Which it is revealed that the Son'a are after Dr Crusher scans one of them with her tricorder.
P is for pimple. Something Worf got in the course of the film.
Q is for Quantum Torpedoes...again.
R is for Riker Maneuver. Which is acutally quite limited and only useful within the Briar Patch.
S is for Son'a.
T is for Transporter Tags, which the Son'a used to track down and abduct the Ba'ku villagers and then put them in holding cells.
U is for Undercover, the nature of Data's initial assignment to the Ba'ku planet.
V is for Violent. Data's ethical sub-routine is...
W is for Wet and Wretched, which is what you deserve to get when you're 300 years old, depend on your own physical capabilities due to refusal to use technological aids, yet can't swim.
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