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Large Biomes is an okay feature. But lord, does that mean even BIGGER oceans??
I hope so. Huge oceans are good, but mega oceans would be fantastic!

I know that large biomes aren't for everybody which is why I'm glad they've made it a world option, but I think that biomes should take time to traverse. It encourages exploration and makes resource gathering more challenging. A desert should be a vast, empty wasteland, forests should be easy to get lost in, and mountains should be an obsticle to cross, not something that can easily be circumnavigated. Larger biomes also make Nether portals more important.

Then you'll start to wonder whats just beyond that hill over there.
An invisible wall, sadly. That kinda kills the Xbox version for me. As you can tell by what I said about biomes, I like huge worlds, and while I know that a 1kmē world is pretty big and will probably contain all required resources, it's just too small compared to what I'm used to.
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