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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

There's some guy in the Deadline thread asking if Cult Following would be better and "my job depends on it." Probably an imposter but I did warn him that the CW has a serial killer show called The Cult.

The essential mistake here is that Mastermind refers to James Purefoy's character, and The Following refers to his "fan club." Purefoy is going to be a big, charismatic draw, but who knows if the fans will be as big a draw, individually, as recurring characters, so they should keep the focus on Purefoy's character and come up with synonyms for a cult leader.

Anyway, on to more pressing matters...NBC picked up Do No Harm (Jeckle & Hyde medical show), yay, I like that one. The lead actor was on Person of Interest in a guest star role, and I thought he had what it takes to carry a series.

...stars Steven Pasquale as a brilliant neurosurgeon wrestling with his dangerous alter-ego that threatens to wreak havoc on his personal and professional life.
The other pickup, Infamous (what was wrong with Notorious?) sounds more like an ABC show. And speaking of ABC, here's another analysis of what they need.

What ABC should be careful with: Look, ABC, I know you loved having Lost and you're doing all you can to find a replacement serialized sci-fi event, but so far you've come up with squat (not counting Once Upon a Time, which benefits from skewing female and fitting in nicely with the rest of your Sunday programming). Let's review: FlashForward, V, Invasion, The River, No Ordinary Family. Instead of taking the first cool-sounding project, work closely with an established genre showrunner and create a series with some weight to it. And please, no more found-footage shows.
So, basically the shows should be "good" and then they will be successful? I'm sure nobody has thought of doing that. Nah, they had it and then they lost it - Once Upon a Time takes the Lost approach and pitches it squarely at women. ABC is going to pick up a buncha shows like that, and good, bad or ugly, some of them will work.
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