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Re: Minecraft

Heres the update vid.!

Love the new cocoa bean pods. (Yaay, cookies for everybody!)

Large Biomes is an okay feature. But lord, does that mean even BIGGER oceans??

But I'm all for the XBox version, even though I'm strictly a pc gamer. Its just a pity that XBoxers can't customize their textures.

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It's a pile of wooden blocks vaguely making up four walls with no roof rather than a full house. The Xbox version starts with a tutorial that turns off time for awhile so you can get your bearings, create some tools and get set to finish it off pretty quickly.

I jumped 10 feet when I ran into my first skeleton.
Yep. Thats how it starts. Next you'll want to 'pretty up' your house. Then you'll start to get bored, and want to add more features. Build a bed to make nights pass faster, then go mining to build more efficient tools and better weapons. Then you'll start to wonder whats just beyond that hill over there. Then it'll be time to start farming to keep your health up. Next thing you know, you're got yourself a mansion, an airship, or a whole danged city!

Welcome to our world.
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