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Re: the literature/sources that "Alien" (1979) borrowed from

OBannon isn't the only person with this problem. Rowling seemed to have a similar one:

Only the Bible outsells Harry Potter and had the ancient Greek's been able to copyright their material throughout the mellenia - no one would be writing anything original - including the folks who wrote the bible who stole the same concepts and ideas right out of Greek Mythology.

“Both books tell the tale of a Wizard who discovers his true nature whilst a boy. Both books revolve around an International Wizards contest. In each book, the wizard only discovers his central task in a special bathroom, in both books the wizard must rescue artificially held hostages, from half-human creatures, acting as contest agents, to earn points and win,” Max Markson, a representative for Jacobs’s estate told Pop Tarts. “Adrian Jacobs created a fantasy world intertwined with the real world in which there are Wizard Schools, Villages of Wizard Brewers, Gambling Wizards, Wizard Chess played on Wizard Trains, special Wizard Hospitals, Wizard Travel by magic powder, apparently headless creatures, Elves as Wizard Helpers, International Gatherings of Wizards, Human Memory Erasers, etc. The Estate claims that all of these Jacobs’ concepts are echoed in Harry Potter and familiar now to Potter readers.”

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