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Re: what's next for Marvel (movies)?

The "secret identity" of your username works here because, well, we don't know who you are nor do we have the capability of finding out. However, those with the skill to do so and those who run this board do since they have your IP address and the information you provided when you signed up for this account.

All of that can be used to back-trace and find out who you really are. And when we're dealing with Iron Man where Tony Stark openly admits who he is, Captain America who can be found through any number of records and such and Bruce Banner's public ordeals it's sort-of hard to really have a "secret identity" or to keep your super-hero persona silent.

I've no problems, really with it. I think in comic-book land the only heroes who're really tied to their secret identities are Superman, Batman and Spider-Man.

I mean, are we really missing anything by not seeing Thor having to spend time as a crippled doctor?
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