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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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Was that a jump the shark moment? We'll have to wait and see.
Doubt it.. i've read a few interviews with the producer and it seems he's got a pretty good grasp on how TV relationships work and how he wants his to be played out.

While i got a bit bored (so to speak) during mid Season 4 with all the stolen looks, the subtext and the small personal moments it was all gone once Beckett blew the lid involuntarily. It was such a cool build up to the finale that it reset my passion for Castle to 100% and i couldn't wait for a new episode.

I'm convinced that the writers will do the right thing with the relationship they now have and won't use cheap plots like misunderstandings to throw a wrench between them.. Castle writers are better than that and Marlowe, the big boss of the show, has explicitly stated that they won't be using this to get some drama out of the relationship.

Drama will come all by itself.. they are still two very different characters even if Castle has changed her tremendously but everyone who's ever been in a relationship knows that it can get rocky all by itself without any outside influence.

I'm definitely looking forward to season 5 and how their story progressess.. i didn't expect them ending up in bed immediately (or did they? We didn't see the real aftermath of the kiss.. just them holding hands and leaving the screen but to where? ) but i can understand.. it's not a one night stand or an affair.. it's full on love and they've known each other for year so why not?

Season 5 will be a blast!
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