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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Punisher #11 - After the Omega Effect crossover we are back to just Frank. Rachel is who knows where, he wants to know and zombies attack while he's pressing Detective Bolt(his inside man) for anything on Rachel. Yes, Zombies, I typed that right. It's not over the top But they are undead, hungry for flesh zombies brought to you by Black Talon, about as D-list a villain as there's been. He's a voodoo priest and usually operates in New Orleans but he has designs on The Avengers..until his zombie stint to attract them smack into Frank first. Let's just say I hope he can raise himself from the dead. The MCU will be looking for a new Black Talon otherwise.
The real heart of the story is about Detective Bolt. The issue starts with him under review cause he fired shots during the zombie attack. The reviewer brings up this is twice in one year. The prior event is what lead to him being promoted but he just took credit for what the Punisher did and it's how he became Frank's inside man. The guilt of that is weighing on him and as they are going to lay accolades on him again he confesses. I want tell you how it unfolds for him though.
What Rucka does this issue is a mild crossover of sorts. Bolt was on a date with one Carlie Cooper. I'm not reading Spidey, she and Peter are off I take it then. Anyway, this was another great Rucka script but we had a new artist, hoping it was just a fill in, it wasn't bad but not as great as the series had had up till this point.

Avenging Spider-man #7 - guest starring She-Hulk. It was a fun romp. It's clear that seven issues in this is the book that showcases wise cracking Spider-man. More serious Spidey is in ASM and Avengers. There is a ploy to steal some Egyptian artifacts and it so happens to be while Jen's law firm is hosting an event at the museum. It's a one off team up issue book and while it's fun I'm on the fence about it. I'm starting to get the vibe I could find these in $1 boxes since they aren't crucial to the narrative really.
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