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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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What's there to discuss? I feel like we've discussed most things in the 52 pages.

I had one moment where I laughed out loud and no one else did (as opposed to the plenty of moments where everyone laughed). It was when Natalia Romanova told everyone to get in side and they all thought it was a submarine. Banner starts talking about how bad an idea this was. Then when it was revealed that it was the helicarrier he goes "oh this is much worse." I just thought the delivery of that line was perfect. It's the reason I think Ruaffalo was perfectly cast (although I like how Ed Norton was scrawnier, which helps really emphasize the difference between the two).
Heh, yeah, that was a great moment. I really enjoyed Ruffalo's take on Banner. I'm surprised Rogers didn't comment on how he was in a giant flying aircraft carrier. (Or maybe he did, and I just forgot it.) He actually didn't have as much trouble with modern technology as I was expecting, aside from that one amusing line where he pulls out the complicated-looking panel and goes "It seems to run on some form of electricity!"
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