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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^ I'm amazed MK Dons haven't done it already. Surely only a matter of time before someone goes from Somewhere City FC to King Power FC (the example that keeps on giving, that one)

The real point of contention for most of us is that this has come from (almost) nowhere and no supporters or fans' groups have been consulted in the slightest. I was initially ambivalent about it all - after all, it's not like we'd be franchised or have the name changed, and strip colours have changed before - but.... no. Blue to red? Utter balls - all that stuff about psychology and marketing? Do me a favour. I would just about live with a red strip - just. And the money being talked about is all allocated to very good use, not least finally wiping out our debt with Langstone from the Hamman/Ridsdale days. But changing the bluebird to a dragon? NO. This club doesn't represent Wales and it doesn't represent Malaysia. It represents Cardiff and a good chunk of South East Wales. Taking away the blue and the bluebird makes our century-old nickname redundant, and that's as bad as changing the name ultimately.

If the Malaysians wanted to buy a Welsh club in red with a dragon on the badge they should have bought Wrexham, who have both.

This could all go seriously wrong. Talk of Blackburn/Pompey style collapses is a bit much for me at the moment, but clearly the owner has us over a barrel on this. LEt him have his Dragons or he pulls the plug. There's been so much goodwill to this group since they came in, they would be utter fools to go ahead with any of this without proper fan input. There's bound to be a way to keep everyone happy on this. Bound to be, even if it means playing in red with blue sleeves or something.

Ironically, now I live in London and hadn't renewed my season ticket anyway I'm planning to go to more away games than home next season anyway. And the away kit under all these changes.... would be blue. Go figure.

Can't believe being humiliated by Big Sam would be the least of our problems in the post-season!
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