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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Teams might go to the wall in the short term, but they'd be back soon enough, in another guise.

Although Sky TV has invested into English football, and you now get football 24/7 on the telly somewhere, the game's sold its soul. Gone are the days of a small provincial side winning the championship. The likes of us, or Forest winning the league ever again under the current setup, are nil.

^^ Nice AV btw mate
Thanks, I just rewatched it for the first time in a couple of years so it seemed appropriate!

You're right, we've seen the likes of AFC Wimbledon and the Man utd team, heck even Ilkeston Town came back from the dead.

You could argue Chelsea used to be a small club, but I guess they are London based rather than provincial. There's Blackburn but even Jack Walker wouldn't be able to buy a title these days.

Unfortunately fans always (initially at least) welcome in these foreign owners with open arms when they think there's gonna be money/ thing you know Steve Kean is your manager or you're playing in the King Power Stadium.

Is it true the Venkys didn't actually realise Blackburn could get relegated from the Prem?

I'm not always the greatest fan of GSE but hell we could be doing a lot worse...

HappyDayRiot, I really hope this doesn't come to pass!
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