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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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They should do a kid or teenage Luke using childhood photos of Mark Hamill as a basis and guide. We've seen him as a newborn infant and a young adult, but never as a kid or teen. Since the Mythos line is supposed to feature things the characters did off-screen/in the Expanded Universe lore then it'd be really awesome to see what Luke looked like growing up with Owen and Beru.

Heck, we got to see Luke's father as a nine-year-old kid...why not his son? And at least Luke won't be screaming "yippee"!
But how would you make that a dynamic or interesting statue? Luke working on a moisture vaporator? The point is that his life was dull before the films started, and that's why he was so desperate to get away. I'm not knocking the idea, I'm just wondering what you think they should do with it.
Good points. Didn't think about that. Well, some books and graphic novels had Luke growing up with friends like Biggs and "Windy" and always getting into trouble doing something or other. Have a kid or teenage Luke holding a pair of electrobinoculars and pointing excitedly at something he sees in the distance. Toss in his T-16 Skyhopper helmet if you have to...we don't know how long he raced his Skyhopper before A NEW HOPE begins. He could have been a childhood pilot like his father, so they could toss in a Skyhopper helmet, binoculars or something and have Luke be gesturing or pointing excitedly at something. Meh. They're ideas, anyways. That's a start!
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