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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Heroes and Demons

Harry Kim is in the holodeck, and cannot be reached. Tuvok and Chakotay go in manually to find him. Kim has created a program based on the epic poem, Beowulf. When he goes missing, Tuvok and Chakotay search the holodeck for him. Freya confronts Tuvok and Chakotay and after she describes Beowulf (Kim). Tuvok responds, “Grand Eloquence notwithstanding that would qualify as a description of Kim.” I love this! Even though Kim is somewhat growing on me I still enjoy a good guffaw at Kim! They have some great costumes in the holonovel. Why is it that the crew does not automatically change into the appropriate costume when they enter a holoprogram?

I like Tuvok and Chakotay’s chat on demons in human culture. Chakotay explains that giving demons physical form in heroic literature allow humans to cope with their darkest emotions. Tuvok responds that such fables are necessary in cultures that unduly emphasize emotional behavior and that Vulcan literature does not contain any demons. Chakotay retorts that that is the reason why Vulcan literature is not popular! (And why Klingons made Opera cool again…)

While going through the censors they find that Kim was probably converted into energy when Grendel “killed” him. Photonic energy leaked into the holodeck and the conversion nodes were contaminated. Tuvok and Chakotay are “killed” (converted into energy) by Grendel too. Paris suggests that they send the Doctor into the holodeck. Kes suggests that the doctor pick a name before he leaves so he feels more like a Starfleet officer... “All hail Schweitzer!” Schweitzer? Albert Schweitzer…a medical theologian? How anti-climactic, and more importantly, what a horrible name!! Why is it that Unferth’s hand is injured when he brings his sword through the doctor when he is in his incorporeal form? How would that injure him? The scene with Freya and the doctor makes me wonder if he is “fully functional” like Data….

To make a long, somewhat overdone, story short (and I was so hopeful for a good doctor episode), Freya steps in the way and saves “Schweitzer” from Unferth. The crew found that Grendel is a life form and that until the Voyager hands over the samples they have (which are actually life forms) Grendel will not return their personnel. The Doc is successful and Tuvok, Chakotay, and Kim are all back safe and sound. Janeway tries to make the Chief Medical Officer feel better and asks for his official name and sure enough he decides to not keep it because the name’s memory is too painful. Why does the Doc have emotions and Data (originally) did not? How does the Doctor’s technology work? Why is it that he can only roam around in the holodeck and sick bay? I would think that with the advanced technology they could make it possible for him to go anywhere he wanted on the ship….

Favorite part: Tuvok and Chakotay’s discussion on why Earth’s literature has demons in it and the Doctor’s decision not to keep his name!!

Least favorite part: Why doesn’t the holoprogram put the crew in costume? It would be so much more fun if the crew was in appropriate costume! I loved Worf dressed up as a cowboy in DS9 (Fistful of Datas)!! Can you even imagine the awesome costume they could have given Janeway when she was hustling pool in Paris’ holoscene?
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