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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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As is with the case with Abrams, he doesn't have a damn clue what the answer to the conundrum premise of the show is
Abrams is so overrated--Undercovers was a lame spy show, LOST promised answers and turned into a hot mess in the final season, Fringe had bland characters/horrible science/a weak mythology, Star Trek was a loud screeching blur of whirling VFX and weak writing, Alcatraz was another weak mystery-driven event series, Star Trek II sounds ghastly unoriginal if the main villain is who they claim it is.

I don't expect much from Revolution--Eric Kripke did a fairly decent job on Supernatural but I just have no faith in these "mini-series" esque dramas that rely on a very limited premise.

Touch is just plain uninteresting.
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