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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

OK, Woverine and the X-Men 10 and X-Men Legacy 266.

Neither of these did much to make either Wolverine or the Avengers look good. In WatXM, Cyclops comes to the Jean Grey School to talk with Wolverine, but Wolvie goes after Cyke with claws popped. It isn't until Emma punches him in the head that Wolverine listens to what Cyke has to say. Not a lot of action in this issue, but it's the interactions that shine here. The exchanges between Kitty, Rachel and Emma were gold, and Quentin coming on to Illyana was hilarious. The talk between Scott and Logan was basically just a re-hash of what's been said before, with neither convincing the other of anything.

However, Cyke does pick up a few allies in the form of Iceman, (Nu)Angel, Rachel and Gambit. I liked how Bobby told Wolverine that he didn't leave Utopia and return to Westchester with Logan because he lost faith in Scott, he did it because Logan needed him. Now Scott needs him and he is going to help his oldest friend, but hopes he still has a place at the JGSFHL after the dust settles. Rachel, as a former Phoenix host herself, believes that she can help Hope deal with the power and leaves with that intention.

Wolverine tries to convince them that they should fight with the Avengers as they just want to help Hope (Without, of course, telling them that he plans on killing her). Wolvie's silence after Idie asked him to make sure that nothing bad happened to Hope was telling.

All in all, a decent issue that, like other AvX crossovers, read better than the event itself.

In X-Men Legacy 266, the Avengers, in the form of She-Hulk, Falcon and Moon Knight arrive at the Jean Grey School in order to ensure that no more of Logan's faculty switches sides. This isn't taken well by the X-Men at the school, as the Avengers are basically playing thought-police with the school and staff, preventing them from making their own choices.

Frenzy provokes Moon Knight into crossing the proverbial "line in the sand" and the fight is on. Rogue tries to keep things calm despite things like the white-hooded Moon Knight refering to the X-Men as "you people", but comes unhinged when She-Hulk accidently injures a student. The issue ends with Iron Man's arrival.
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