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Re: what's next for Marvel (movies)?

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It's funny to see the hypocritical justifications

Get personal much?
Not at all, it's not a personal attack, it's a broad ranged one.

I didn't mean that directed at a specific person, I meant it for all of the hypocritical "fans" out there. I see this often enough on the boards I visit, and it's just funny how people twist things so that it fits "their" vision of what things are "supposed" to be, when really, these stories are supposed to be exactly how they're written, whether we like 'em or not.

You know, the old "This character NEVER does this!" but if it's there on the page, obviously they do.

It probably gets a bit trickier with the movies, though, as we can only go by what we see on the screen and their histories aren't as fleshed out, by any means. Which almost means that anything CAN happen, anybody CAN team up (provided the studios got along, etc) since a few hours of seeing these characters isn't as concrete as the 60+ years in the books.
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