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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Here's a review of the "best" pilot scripts with some additional details.

What good does it do to tell us Beautiful People is great, when it's almost certainly dead at this point?

Advertisers push for "family friendly" shows. They're not being moralistic; it's strictly business:
...sponsors whose ads air during family-friendly entertainment, the ANA says...see a 30% increase in brand awareness and an 11% gain in purchase intent.
And since they hold the checkbook, advertisers tend to get what they want. But it could be self-defeating if "family friendly" = boring and gutless, a la Terra Nova, and viewers bail in droves. If Revolution ends up with that tone, we'll have another one-season wonder on our hands.

And what does this do to ABC's whole strategy? Soaps are nothing without raunchiness and sex!

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