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Re: Windows 8 Discussion

The Metro interface looks absurd for a desktop PC, or even a laptop. Perfectly fine for a tablet or phone, though.

Microsoft will have to put in a way to disable Metro or at least hide it, otherwise they will never get businesses to buy it. Corporate users hate having things changed for no benefit. Corporate rejection is why Vista failed, for that matter--Microsoft had to extend XP support and offer downgrade rights to keep business customers happy! But now, adoption of 7 is going quite well, because they got all the kinks worked out and it's pretty easy to use more or less how you used XP (but with the benefits of 7.)

I suspect 8 will be more like Vista, and Windows 9 will be more like 7.

Still can't figure out how the hell they did the numbering, though. Is it like this?

Windows 7
Windows Vista (6)
Windows XP (5)
Windows 95/98 (4)
Windows 3.x (3)
Windows 2.x (2)
Windows 1.x (1)

(Hey, if I were MS, I'd want to pretend Mistake Edition didn't happen, too! In addition, it's sort of amusing that the internal name of 7 is NT 6.1 to Vista's 6.0. Stupid marketing nonsense.)
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