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Re: Windows 8 Discussion

Methos wrote: View Post
oh god, i'd completely forgotten about the AOL disaster lol

So did I. Wow. That's both hilarious and bone chillingly awful at the same time.

Count Zero wrote: View Post
B.J. wrote: View Post
In any case, does anyone who has used it know if you can have multiple windows/programs up on your screen at once? That's pretty crucial to what I do at work, since I typically have 4 or 5 (or more) different things going at once.
You can choose "Desktop" from the Metro window and then you'll have a regular Windows desktop which looks pretty much like that of Win 7 (at least that was possible in the developers version). It might also be possible to deactivate the Metro thing at start-up with some messing around in the innards of the system but I can't say for sure. I don't plan on getting it, anyway.
Yeah, I wouldn't get it. I figure the new Windows 8 slogan should be:

"Windows 8: Just Like Windows 7! Now with more obstacles!"
or maybe:
"Windows 8: Get less done in more time!"
"Windows 8: Setting Your UI Back to 1996!"

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