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Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Yeah, I pretty much only enchant swords, because at least that's only good for killing monsters, and whatever I get will make it either last longer or make it more powerful against certain kinds of monsters. Guess enchanting bows would work, too. But enchanting tools is such a crapshoot.
Up until now I've been doing low-level enchants on weapons and armour. Getting a level 1 enchant on a bow will always give you Power I which means you can kill most mobs in two shots instead of three, so that's always good to have.

I want high-level enchants now because I'm hankering to go after the enderdragon and figure I should be as prepared as possible. Since Jeb has seemingly forgotten about removing the limitation on only having three strongholds per world, I used MCEdit to place one in my world so that I can finally access an End portal. I also used the Biome Painter tool to fix all my biomes, which had been bugging me.

Cutter John wrote: View Post
Efficiency and Durability on tools don't exactly rock my world, but its nice to have you diamond tools last longer. I'd kill for a pick with Fortune on it though.
Fortune would be good, as would Silk Touch. It would be fun to be able to place grass in the Nether, and they're bringing back the ability to pick up ice blocks, so I can put an ice-rink in my town.

The reason why the Efficiency enchant annoyed me is because it's largely useless on a diamond pick. Diamond picks mine most blocks quickly anyway, its only use is to mine obsidian which is something I rarely do. Besides, judging by the graphs, at level 50 the probability of me getting Efficiency III is tiny compared to Efficiency IV, so it really was the crapiest enchant I could get.
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