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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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To be fair, a couple of the 6 and 7 point episodes were actually 8 and 9 points but got a whole star deducted from them. So those episodes were actually a lot more memorable than it seems from the numbers.
That's a fair point and it does mess with the graphs a little bit, but I think that including those deductions in the season average score is fair. But yeah, Hard Time should have been a 9.

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I also find comparing it to b5 somewhat unfair , both were similar in lots of ways but totally unique.
I don't see how it's unfair, both were sci-fi shows that aired around the same time and had very similar concepts, I'd say that DS9 actually has more in common with B5 than it does with Voyager.

It's interesting that B5's average has just overtaken DS9's by a fraction of a percent, which means that I think both shows are about level. But because DS9 had a longer run than B5 it has a good chance of catching up once B5 is finished in season 5.

The season was by far stronger than the previous ones and the level of increase you awarded is well short of the difference in quality in my opinion, The gap in rating should have been bigger.
I'm surprised that the gap isn't bigger myself, but I think it may may be the case that I had underestimated seasons 2 and 3 and their scores were higher than I imagined they would be. I was expecting those seasons to be in the 5.9 region but they both came out around 6.2. Before starting this thread I would have expected season 4 to come out around 6.3-6.5, so it's about where I originally would have expected it to be, but seasons 2 and 3 surprised me and I was half-expecting season 4 to do the same.

As for The visitor...yes it was a class show but its your typical standard winner that most would pick, well written etc.. but for me the homefront/paradise lost & way of the warrior are more important to the series, and are among many outstanding episodes of that season
A few years ago I might have agreed, but those episodes, though a more important part of the series arc, do have issues, particularly Paradise Lost. But even though I've seen The Visitor 6 or 7 times already, it still managed to bring me to the brink of tears, and there's something special about a show that can do that. It may be a boring, safe choice, but there's a reason why it's so often picked as one of the best episodes the series had to offer.

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My favorite Worf\Odo scene is when Worf comes into Odos office to complain about security issues and says "this would not have happened on the Enterprise" to which Odo replies "Oh really?" and proceeds to pick up a padd and list off various Enterprise security breaches. The reason I love this scene is the fact that Odo had a list of Worfs mistakes sitting on his desk just waiting to be thrown in Worfs face.
One thing I liked about that scene was that all those incidents actually happened on TNG, none of them were invented by the DS9 writers to make Worf look bad. It's a nice nod to continuity between the two series.
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