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Re: Windows 8 Discussion

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as for removing media playback like DVD and BluRay... screw that... i can live without Windows Media Player no problem, but if they try and force market downloads from Microsoft to enable media playback, i'll either be sticking with Windows 7 or jumping ship to Ubunto very quickly
Firstly, it's called Ubuntu.

Secondly, Blu-Ray playback on any Linux system is a pain in the ass due to the way licensing/copy protection works. Blu-Rays without copy protection play fine but virtually all commercially available Blu-Rays are copy protected. Normally, companies providing software for Blu-Ray playback buy licenses which allow them to resolve this issue. That's why most Blu-Ray versions of these programs cost extra. Now, since Linux is open source and there isn't much commercial software around this option doesn't exist so readily. There are work-arounds which consist of basically ripping the Blu-Ray to your harddrive but that's not very comfortable. You can thank the content industry for this idiocy.
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