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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Ah yes, about that...first of all, Cole Hamels is practically a rookie himself (he's only been with the Phillies since, what, 2006?). And what's he gonna do, throw at the head of every rookie who comes to the plate? (Especially since his own manager wishes he hadn't done it?)

That can't be it. There has to be something more to this. Hamels must have felt that Harper did something to deserve it, but I can't imagine what.
Being a six-year veteran means you're "practically a rookie?" If you live on a planet where crack grows on trees, maybe.

In any event, Hamels is a moron. Not because he admitted to hitting Harper intentionally (please don't babble about "the code" or some crap like that), but because this was about him wanting to be the guy who put the cocky teenage phenom in his place, since this teenager needed to be put in his place for some inexplicable reason. Hamels probably decided he was going to do it when stories about Harper's arrogance in the minors were surfacing. Hamels is an idiot, plain and simple. When Bryce fucking Harper comes out looking like the cool, non-dickish dude in a situation, you know something is wrong.

The Phillies have been throwing at batters for years (and it's not just the pitchers; Rollins and especially Victorino are cheap-shot guys on the bases); I'm just glad one of them got called out for it.
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